Marketing and Social Media Round Up – 8/6/12

by Lisa Shaughnessy on August 6, 2012

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marketing and social media information round up for fitness professionals, AgilitySocialCuesThis week’s round up has some posts that are geared specifically for fitness professionals so make sure to check them out!

1. Twitter For The Trainer: It’s Not About the Push by Ali Pokorny. Good article on key points to remember when using Twitter for your business.

2. This hidden Facebook page feature is key to getting your content soon by Steph Parker. Figuring out your negative feedback on Facebook and how to see if your Facebook fans are hiding your posts or links. The article also has screenshots to walk you through the steps.

3. How to Use IFTT (If This Then That) to Streamline Web Activities by Doug Rice. IFTT is an online platform that can help simplify your multiple social networking channels.

4. Is Your Website Designed for You or Your Customers? by Lisa Shaughnessy. Tips on how to look at your website from your customer’s point of view. This was my guest post for FounderSync from last week.

5. How Many Times Should You Post to Your Facebook Page? by Justin Lafferty. Quick guide to how often to post to your Facebook page.

6. How to Use Social Media to Establish Trust by Lisa Barone. Good ideas on how to use social media to establish trust with your customers including using reviews and responding to feedback.

7. Keeping Your Social Media Accounts Engaging by Murray Newlands. Ideas for using Facebook for your business.

8. 4 Steps to Jump-Start Your Social Media Marketing by Lisa Shaughnessy. Setting a good foundation with your social networking sites can help you connect with potential clients. This article gives you ideas on getting started with the basics. This is my first article on Fitness Professional Online!


Lisa Shaughnessy is a fitness marketing professional who loves helping her clients create effective marketing and social media strategies to grow their businesses. She combined her passions for helping people, marketing and lifting heavy things to launch, a comprehensive online marketing and social media resource for fitness professionals. Lisa is the author of The New Rules of Fitness Marketing: How to Build a Successful Business Even if You Hate Selling and The Fitness Professional's Complete Guide to Online Training and wrote marketing articles for Fitness Professional Online’s monthly publication. She teaches a monthly social media seminar on a volunteer basis at the Community Business Partnership, a local non-profit. When she’s not helping her awesome clients with their marketing and social media strategies she enjoys working out, playing golf, traveling and hanging out with family and friends. Circle her on Google + Lisa Shaughnessy

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